How to Master Ikebana - Steps start and mastering Ikebana

Updated: Apr 16

Ikebana looks cool ! I would like to master it, but how do I start?

There are many ways to learn Ikebana. Here is the easy steps to follow to master in a short amount of the time!

Here’s the steps

  1. Find the best Ikebana style for you.

  2. Find a suitable teacher or school for you.

  3. Set a goal and practise.

Step One: Look for your ideal style

The most important thing is knowing what style of a Ikebana looks good to you. There are so many different styles and schools how they present the importance of the design varies.

Step Two: Find the ideal teacher or school

Learning from the best will help you to master Ikebana faster. A good teacher will help you clearly visualise your design goals.

Step Three: Set a Goal and Practise

The amount of time it takes to master Ikebana will depend on your goal.

If you want to create beautiful floral art as a hobby, it will take one to two years with fortnightly lessons.

To become an Ikebana teacher, you will need to allow a minimum of four years.

These three steps will help you to master Ikebana and enjoy your Ikebana life in the most effective way.

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