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About Azumi

Azumi Ishikawa is the creator and founder of byAzumi, a bespoke floristry studio located in South Yarra.


Azumi was born in Osaka, Japan, with an instinctive awareness for the beauty in nature.

Growing up, she watched her mother, an ikebana master, create floral art using local, seasonal elements.


The family house was always filled with flowers, floral arrangements and plants and Azumi realised early on that she was destined to work with flowers.



Azumi initially trained and worked as a florist in Japan. After several years, she sought to expand her knowledge and skills with further study in Germany, the epicentre of floral design. Azumi undertook her second apprenticeship in Munich, where she was exposed to German floral design theory and techniques. She spent four years there, completing hands-on training and working as a florist in the German tradition.


With a unique understanding of European and Japanese floral design, Azumi returned to Japan to join one of Tokyo’s most high profile and respected florists. Here she worked with a team of thirty designers, creating elaborate floral arrangements for everyone from celebrities, politicians and royalty to consumer brands and foreign embassies. In the hustle and bustle of Tokyo’s flower scene, Azumi developed a reputation as an accomplished and creative florist.


In 2010, Azumi moved to Melbourne, Australia. She was quickly recognised for her knowledge and artistry, working across retail, events and weddings as well as teaching beginners, hobbyists and experienced florists alike. Through teaching, Azumi realised that she could share her knowledge and love of flowers in a practical and meaningful way. She envisioned a studio dedicated to creative floristry and design courses. Finally, in 2017, byAzumi was opened. It is home base for Azumi’s floral practice and workshops, which are always inspired by nature.


Studio - byAzumi

byAzumi is a bespoke floristry studio located in South Yarra, Melbourne. The studio is a private and modern space, tucked away behind Toorak Road. Inside, the studio has on display creations by Azumi that are best described as floral artworks. A long, communal workbench runs through the space and this is where Azumi works: creating arrangements and leading floral design workshops.


The studio is open to the public from Thursday to Saturday or by appointment at other times. There is ample car parking in front of the studio and easy options for public transport via tram and train – South Yarra Station is just around the corner.


Artistic Style

Azumi’s floristry style is intuitive, creative and wholistic. She draws on her knowledge of European and Japanese traditions to create contemporary and expressive floral designs. Nature is at the heart of all of her work, inspiring and motivating her designs.


For Azumi, floral design is not just decorative, but an essential part of any interior space. She believes that flowers and natural elements are capable of changing and elevating inside environments, whether at home, at work or for special events. We are calmer and more focused in the presence of nature and Azumi specialises in bringing a sense of nature indoors with her creations.


What we do

byAzumi is a floristry design studio, specialising in flowers for events, weddings and corporate settings. Floristry Workshops are also an important part of the studio. Azumi offers hands-on floral design courses for individuals and small groups. The courses are open to all levels of experience, from beginners to hobbyists and advanced florists.

Everything we do at byAzumi is inspired by nature.

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