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Ikebana Class Membership

The Ikebana class membership will enable you to continue practising the skills you learnt in the Ikebana four-week class while being guided by Azumi Ishikawa. The continued tuition will help you build on the skills you’ve already learnt while also nurturing your distinctive sense of imagination.  

The Ikebana class membership  is an ongoing class with the purpose of providing you with a customised learning platform. Classes will be held twice a month on a Sunday morning. You can choose to attend one or two classes per month.

This ongoing class will help you take your floristry skills to the next level for either enjoyment or to turn into a business.

The classes are aimed to help you:

  • Cultivate an eye for floral materials and be able to identify the characteristics of each flower

  • Use the characteristics of the flowers to their best advantage when designing your arrangement

  • Express an intent and purpose that is clearly reflected in your work

Who is it for ? 

In order to sign up for the Ikebana class subscription, you must have completed the Ikebana four-week course or have fundamental knowledge and skill in Ikebana. 

How to join

  • Select your class frequency (one or two classes per month) 

  • Fill in the enrollment form. You will be required to enter your credit card details and payment will be debited from your card each month.

  • Manage your booking. You can book and reschedule classes all from the member site.  Please

  • Booking close 3 days prior to the class date.   


Membership benefits 

  • 10% off By Azumi products 

  • Wholesale pricing on flower purchases 

  • Unlimited email consultations while working on your creation 

  • Access to the Ikebana creative community 


  • Cancellations 3 working days or more before the scheduled class will entitle you to a credit for 100% of the class cost 

  •  Cancellations with less than 3 days notice prior to the scheduled class will incur a cost of $45 plus admin fees to cover materials 

  • Cancellations on the day of the class are not eligible for credit but your flower allocation will be available for pick-up from the studio

  • Credits are valid for 12 months 

Cancellation Policy 

You may cancel your subscription anytime

If you cannot attend your booked class, you may cancel or re-schedule with the following conditions: 

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