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Career Class, centered around fundamental floristry skill focusing technique in floral arranging, bouquets, and weddings, sympathy floristry. It offers students the opportunity to learn various styles, from basic to advanced.


Students can also pursue a qualification in floristry, which is covered in the plan. It is a complete entirely course to achieve the technique and knowledge required in the floral industry. It is a recommended course for those wishing to put their newly gained knowledge to use in a professional capacity.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a career change, becoming a pro florist, or getting back to the floral industry.


What is the goal?

To be able to work as a retail florist/ event florist / freelance florist.


What is included in the plan?

Self-study materials, flowers, vases and tools are provided in the class. A bonus of one free referral for a friend upon completing 12 classes.


The course has four modules and six months to complete per module. Students learn at different paces based on their personal goals in any timeframe that works best.

  • Basic understanding and foundation techniques that suitable for a florist assistant position

  • Developing an understanding of design techniques for flowers.

  • Establishing yourself as knowledgeable about all things floral an advanced level.

  • Completing skills with more complex tasks covers equivalent levels with governments guidelines.

Who is the teacher?

We are a floristry school that offers an in-depth education on the art of flower design. Our classes are taught by industry experts who have years of experience working with flowers and creating beautiful arrangements.