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Be inspired, learn something that fulfills your daily life.

The club is about realizing pleasure in our daily lives through contact with flowers and plants and encouraging every individual's distinctive sense of imagination.

Whether to gain design and craft skills for enjoyment or turn into a business, the club aims to fulfill your goal with a customised learning plan and brings happiness to your daily life.

You leave this place feeling more creative than ever before because it helps bring out what's inside you.

Why join  lessons? 

  • Personalised goals so every member is given individual attention

  • Visit lesson as often or infrequently as you want, without commitment to specific days

  • Focus on learning at your own pace, whether on the way home from work or weekends

  • Classes are small-sized and designed to fit your needs and goal

HOW lessons WORKS?

Follow three simple steps below of how to do:

  1.  Find a lesson that suits your learning purpose

  2.  Choose the frequency of classes that determines monthly payments

  3.  Select the day of lessons on the calendar availability list

The club is designed to support ongoing students who take lessons in different monthly frequencies according to their preferences.

  • Can I choose flowers to practice?
    Flowers are chosen for the topic and curriculum with seasonal flowers, which change with each class. You can request a specific type of flowers for your theme (fee may apply)
  • Can I buy tools? Do I need a specific tool to assemble my ikebana?
    Yes, we will provide you with the essential tools in class. We also have different types of tools and vases for you to purchase.
  • What kind of style do we practice?
    Freestyle. The curriculum is designed by Azumi, and it aims to bring out your creativity and a unique design in mind so that you can experiment for yourself.
  • Can I use my own vase?
    Of course, you can! Vases are provided for each topic, but if there's a specific theme in mind, feel free to use your vase.
  • Can I get a certificate ?
    You will receive a certificate upon completion of each level.
  • How long does it take to master Ikebana?
    It depends on the frequency of taking classes and how skilled you are. There are three different levels, each containing 24 Classes in total. Students will obtain a certificate of completion for each level.
  • Can I change plan ?
    A: The class focuses on design skills by practising a variety of patterns. It covers some basic level technical knowledge and creativity, as well!
  • What sort of arrangements do I learn?
    Variety of arrangements, from a hand-tied bouquet, in foam, wiring, taping, and more. It depends on the topics for each time. add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • can i quolification when compleate ?
    Enter your answer here
  • Can I pick specific topick to learn?
    Topics are pre-determined for seasonal flowers to serve the curriculum. However, it will be incorporated to meet personal goals.
  • Can i pick Specific flower?
    Flowers are selected for the topic in the class. Nevertheless, you can order specific flowers and pay a fee that applies to them.
  • What if I don't have time to do my homework?
    We will make sure you grow knowledge as well as hands-on skill. Homework material is given for your benefit but we understand if other commitments can be competing with it
  • How long does it take to become a florist?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Can I learn in a shorter amount of time?
    It takes a minimum of two years to complete our original curriculum. Students may get an assistant position while completing the modules. One-to-one training is offered as an option.
  • Do you still provide support after the lessons is over?
    Our commitment doesn’t stop when the course is over. We want to see your achievements, so we'll be there for you even if you’ve already completed your program and are looking for another way forward with your business or personal goals in mind
  • Can I purchase flowers to practice at home?
    Definitely. Students can buy wholesale-priced flowers by ordering in advance
  • What is the benefit of taking lessons?
    A: Taking the lessons a great way to learn more about flowers, meet new people with similar interests, and access advice from an expert florist
  • What if I dont know which Lesson is suitsble for me?
  • Can I cancele or reschedule my class booking?
    You can cancel your booking within three working days. After three days, there will be a cancellation fee (refer to the Policy)
  • When I can cancel plan?
    There is no commitment for the duration, you can cancel any time.
  • Can I change my plans?
    Yes, you can change your plan with the same value or upgrade it. Please let us know at least three working days before your starting date so that we have sufficient time for arrangements.
  • Can I cancel plan during the periode and get a refund?
  • Can I reschedule my class booking?
    Yes, you can as long as you do it no later than three working days of your class starting date (please refer to Terms and Conditions)
  • How can I book my class?
  • How do I join the lessons?
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