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Design Principles in Floristry Course

  • Floral design is an Art form using natural materials, mainly flowers, leaves, branches etc. to express unique design inspired by nature.

  • Curriculum is based on Bauhaus theory Principle of design.

  • Bauhaus was the school for architecture, principle of design was curriculum as basic study which is used by many design industries across the world.

  • Using natural materials as an art, the course will help you to guide the steps to create your own designs inspired by nature.

  • Course is for anyone who wants to learn floral design.

  • For professionals - step up to next level, be able to create your own design, gain deeper knowledge and experience, or those who are currently undertaking floral courses.

  • We conduct courses at our dedicated private floristry studio in South Yarra, class sizes are limited to ensure each participant gets maximum knowledge.

The course consists of 6 classes:

1. Design Elements

  • Identify character of each flowers and material

  • There are 4 basic form groups to learn as a first step

  • it will be explained the role of each character and how to use it effectively in the arrangement

4. Proportion & Optical Weight

  • It is vital to achieve good proportion in arrangement.

  • Golden ratio is mathematical ratio found in nature that can be used to create pleasing, natural looking compositions in your design.

  • The design become remarkable and impressive if contrast and harmony are well balanced.   

Benefits of Floral Design

  • Create your own unique style.

  • Value add by designing your own products

  • Increased confidence in your concepts

  • Improve your ability to describe your products to customers

  • Assist in event & wedding designs, concepts to win more business

  • Don't just follow trends create them!

  • It is very important to understand different arrangement styles and be able to clearly visualise them prior to commencing any arrangement.

  • This will bring clarity to your work and improve the final result.

2. Design Basics & Styles

5. Grouping, Rhythm & Unity

  • Compare different texture and learn how to use in floral design

  • Grouping create a new interesting effects, learn how to make a group.

  • Balance between Contrast and Harmony create quality of design

  • Learn about rhythm using grouped materials in arrangements

3. Composition & Layout

  • Often find symmetric arrangements which looks more stable and comfortable,

  • Asymmetric arrangement are more challenging to design and get balance, although could be more interesting and shows more design elements.

6. Colour Study

  • Basic colour study

  • Will explain easy way to understand combination of colour

  • Use Munsell colour system

  • Colour is most likely to remember thing from first impression

  • Plays important role to express your image of design.

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