Ikebana  Lessones

The happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.


Explore more of your happiness and quality of life with the japanese floral art.  

By Azumi’s original methods of embracing submerging individuals in this peaceful artform, leaving individuals with strong, beautiful, genuine and endearing qualities….  just like the beautiful qualities of nature. 


Lean Ikebana at your own pace, on the way home from work or at the weekends 



1st, 3rd Thursaday 4:00PM -8:30PM  

1st, 3rd Sunday 10:00AM-1:00PM  


One visit $110 / Two visits $180


What is include:

90 min Tuition fee, Flowers, materials, Basic Vases ( some vases are for sell optional ) 

Online study, and follow up online counselling 


24 lessons 

Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of different natural materials through direct contact with various plants, weaving together branches, layering leaves one on top of another and so on. This course covers the basic techniques of hanakubari.

Step up 

24 lessons 

This course deepens the knowledge and basic skills acquired in the Beginning Course. Lessons focus on specific vases and the types of hanakubari that are most attractive and best suited for each.



Students make free use of their imagination whilst leveraging all the knowledge and skills acquired to this point to create compositions full of originality. From mastering the different ways to use a particular material to completely new discoveries, you are sure to experience the true joy of hanakubari.