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Romantic Autumn Rose         

Updated: Apr 12

Season's Shift: Rose Hips Crown the Autumn Garden

Goal : Highlighting how wild roses and rosehips mix and move together, this goal is to create a picture that looks just like the lively and beautiful parts of nature.

Flowers used : Galndiflora classic rose

Rosehipe and Galndiflora classic rose

Victory® (Red), Country Lane®(Champaign), Celestial®( Cream),

Sundance ™ (Clay Orange), Magaster®( Orange red )

Tips :

1. Enhance the curve of the rosehip branch ( Tame) and resize it to fit in the vase.

2. Tame the rose stem to a curvy shape so it integrates smoothly with the rosehip branches

3. Design with the intentional crossing of stems in mind, carefully selecting the placement and angle of each stem to create a harmonious floral arrangement.

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