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Emphasise ( Kiwadate) in Ikebana         

Exploring effective material use

Goal : In various aspects of Japanese culture, including Ikebana, there is a significant emphasis on highlighting the inherent qualities of materials, which can be seen in design.

The thoughtful combination of materials and design elements is crucial to express the beauty and characteristics of the materials fully.

Considerations of form, movement, texture, and colour are essential in Ikebana. Identifying the appropriate design patterns to showcase these materials effectively contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the design.

Flowers used : Disbuds Chrysanthemum, Puzzle sticks , Willow

Impression of the flower: Luxurious, Royal, Ornate, Opulent

This spider chrysanthemum has a large flower that makes a big impact. Its upright form, with its many petals, is luxurious and impressive, making a strong statement even as a single flower. The large chrysanthemum represents the flower of autumn. It has been used as the sole emblem of the imperial family. In autumn, numerous competitions and exhibitions related to chrysanthemum production are held.

Tips :

1. Choosing the right combinations

Even when presented on its own, the flower radiates beauty and elegance. To emphasise its distinctive characteristics, selecting supporting flowers with simpler appearances is crucial. Pay close attention to the flower's form, movement, color, and texture. By strategically combining it with other materials, you can effectively highlight specific traits and achieve a harmonious arrangement.

2. Finding design pattern to emphasise the focal flower

A simple design pattern effectively highlights the impactful flower, bringing out its beauty effortlessly. Even in a minimalist setting, the flower stands out, showcasing its delicate details such as fine petals and vibrant color.

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