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Mass Design in Ikebana         

Scluptual design

Goal : A mass design in ikebana refers to a solid or a collection of similar items forming a lump.

Mass design is a design that emphasises the unique form of the outline, and showing that the form becomes the main assertion of the design, result it sculptual.

Flowers used : Corokia, Cyclamen, Banksia pods

Banksias and Hakeas hold their seeds in protective wood seed cases on their branches. After fire, these woody seed cases are triggered to open, releasing the seeds. In addition to the heat from fire, chemicals in smoke and ash can also trigger germination of some plants.

Tips :

1. Utilising Mass Form as a Natural Characteristic

Depending on the plant material, the material itself can form a mass. For example, hydrangeas with small flowers gathered together, Corokia with interwoven branches forming a lump, Cyclamen and Violets with small flowers blooming in clusters, and large peonies with many identical petals are all examples. One design that takes advantage of these characteristics is a sculptural design that emphasises the mass.

2. Simple Flowers to Emphasise Form

 To emphasise the shape of the outline, simple floral materials are selected and arranged so that the materials do not stand out more than the outline.

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