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Structured Outline in Ikebana          

Design ikebana according to the material

Goal : Consider an ikebana design that emphasises the delicate, straight lines of branches. It is possible to utilise the material's characteristics even in sculptural designs. First, identify the material's strong characteristics, then find patterns that emphasise those characteristics and construct accordingly.

Flowers used : Callicarpa Japonica, Celosia, Alstroemeria, Calla, Grass

Callicarpa is the plant, native to Japan and East Asia. This plant produces unusual purple berries on straight branches. The flowers have a subtle fragrance, and the berries retain their beautiful colour even when dried.

Tips :

1. Controll impression :

The shape of a corn can convey a sharp and tense impression. The impression changes depending on the angle at which the corn opens.

When placing flowers into a geometrical form, cut off branches and flowers that do not conform to the shape. In such cases, to avoid making the arrangement too artificial, retain some natural elements by adding grass or sticks to soften the impression.

2. Colour combination:

Consider colour combinations that highlight the distinctive colour of the berries. Pair drastically different shades of the same colour, or add contrasting colours like orange to make the berries stand out. Avoid using similar colours.

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