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Whispers of the Wind in Ikebana         

Designing Ikebana from a Theme

Goal : The aim of "Designing Ikebana from a Theme" is to create an ikebana arrangement that effectively conveys the selected theme. This involves the thoughtful selection of materials and a creative design process, while staying true to the traditional principles of ikebana. The ultimate goal is to produce a work of art that resonates with the chosen theme.

  Tips :

1. Material Choice:

  • Material choice plays a big role in achieving the goal. Use appropriate materials, such as flowers and foliage, that embody the theme's essence.

 2. Composition and Design Variation :

  • The composition can vary and change the overall impression of the design.

  • The creator has control over how the entire design should express or evoke emotions.

 3. Following Ikebana Principles :

  • Even with a theme, the purpose of creation should be to present the natural beauty of the flowers, not to impose the creator's idea onto them.

Flowers used : Twisted Willow, Tulip, Ribbon grass

Tulips continue to grow their stems even after being cut. This smooth, gentle curve is beautiful to incorporate into the design.

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